Sandra Thomas

Sandra Thomas


I’m a cause-driven storyteller and strategic thinker applying journalism, innovative story and concept development, networking, relationship building, booking, newsroom know-how and pitch skills to communications strategy and media relations for organizations that do good.

I’m passionate about kids, children in foster care, safety, highway and auto safety, crime, consumer issues, health, law enforcement, cultural microcosms, community and food, food, food.

I was built for enterprise reporting. I thrive undercover. Some of my favorite professional memories are sneaking up on elusive Irish Travelers (Hollywood turned my show into a movie!), shooting in an alligator-infested swamp at night and posing as a badass (*not* a dancer) in a Houston strip club with undercover cops. Ask me about my bra-cam scar…

My approach is think big, make it happen and create outside-the-box ideas and approaches to storytelling. Box, what box?

If you work with me, you’ll partner with a passionate, action-oriented, always learning, high-energy, indefatigable, generous, go getter. Core values: integrity and kindness. Nice matters.

Collaborating with Laura Evans is the next big, meaningful step to employing my passion for communications.

Sandra Thomas, Sandra Story Strategy