Leon Logothetis

Star of the Kindness Diaries (Netflix)

Gain media exposure for his mission in kindness and his efforts to spread his message to schools and businesses to incorporate a culture of kindness.



Interview to discuss the premiere of Kindness Diaries 2, the Go Be Kind book and how he travels the world relying only on the kindness of strangers

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NBC4, los angeles / 3.11.2018

Kindness Diaries: A Former Stockbrokers Search For a Meaningful Life


WUSA9, Washington, DC / 10.02.2017

One Man’s Mission in Kindness


East Bay Times, San Francisco Bay Area / 09.20.2017

Just a Little Kindness can Bless Fellow Middle School Students


KRON4 San Francisco / 08.31.2017

Netflix Star Speaks Out Against Bullying


FOX5, Washington DC / 05.09.2017

Kindness Diaries Star Tells His Story


ABC7, WJLA Washington DC / 05.09.2017

The Power of Kindness and Goodwill


NBC4, Washington, DC / 05.09.2017

How Can You Be a Little Kinder Today? An Interview with Leon Logothetis


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