Laura Evans has a proven ability to apply strategic thinking and innovative ideas to generate powerful messages and engaging stories. As an anchor and reporter, she worked under intense deadlines daily, breaking down complex issues into simple terms to present them to audiences of tens of thousands. In breaking news situations, Evans worked in sometimes highly distracting environments with a laser focus in order to tell the story clearly and concisely. As an anchor, she served as a content and copy editor. During the newscast, she maintained solid control of the news desk, constantly thinking on her feet to help the show run smoothly.

On various social media platforms, Laura has proven she can create high levels of engagement, build relationships and foster loyal audiences.

Laura is well connected. She serves on multiple boards and committees. She is not only an advocate, she is an influencer. As a voice for a cause, she can present an organization’s message with passion. As an emcee, she has the ability to quiet a large audience and gracefully raise money for the mission.

An Emmy award winning journalist, Laura Evans is an organized self-starter and team builder with a positive outlook and a dependable work ethic. She knows how to get your story told, when it matters most.