An Emmy award-winning journalist with 26 years of TV news experience, Laura Evans is a media consultant and public relations specialist who knows how to get local and national media exposure. As a newsroom veteran, she knows who to reach and when to strike.


Laura Evans has a proven ability to apply strategic thinking and innovative ideas to generate powerful messages and engaging stories. As an anchor and reporter, she worked under intense deadlines daily, breaking down complex issues into simple terms to present them to audiences of tens of thousands.

As a social media influencer, Laura has proven she can create high levels of engagement across multiple social media platforms, build relationships and foster loyal audiences.

Laura is well connected with media and business influencers. She serves on multiple boards and committees and devotes much of her time to supporting local charities. She is a fierce advocate for causes that impact our world. As an emcee or event speaker, she has the ability to engage large audiences and present an organization’s message with passion.

Laura is a team builder and visionary. As a media relations consultant, she knows how to get your story told to the right people at the right time.