We can't forget the GOOD happening in our world.


Laura is committed to helping get media exposure for those who are trying to make our world a better place. She believes those are the news stories that inspire us as individuals to do better.

After spending 25+ years as a newscaster in front of the camera, Laura decided it was time for something fresh and new.  While reporting and anchoring the news in the nation’s capital was her “dream job”, in recent years she grew tired of telling viewers everyday about the worst of the worst happening in our world. She found herself looking for solution-based stories, searching out the good news, the change- makers and striving to become one herself. 

When it came time to decide whether to leave her career, it wasn’t an easy decision. But she often tells the story of when her young daughter served it up straight: "Mommy, you made your dream come true, now you can do something else.”  The decision was made.

Welcome to Laura Evans Media.

Laura’s intention now is to help the change-makers tell their story and get the media attention they deserve. Her goal is to help break through the noise of the bad news and make sure audiences across the country hear about the organizations and individuals who are working to make us better, our communities healthier, our world kinder; those who are part of the solution. This is the good news audiences might not otherwise hear about. 

Going from a confined newsroom to the world of entrepreneurship has been both difficult yet incredibly liberating…an amazing personal evolution of mind and spirit. It’s her new “dream job”.  

Laura looks forward to working with you and helping you tell YOUR story!